2019 – Finding My Writing Future

Words have power. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't do what I do.

When I write something down, it means more to me than it otherwise would. Promises, dreams, tales of darker worlds and brighter hopes – whatever it is, the written word casts them in stone for me.

So, here's what 2019 holds for the Author version of me.

  1. Two million news words, in suitable order.
  2. A Facebook group where I can play with readers and like-minded authors. More on this later, but I'm going to build a place where a story can unfold with the help and input of an assembled throng. I have no idea how to run a Facebook group (and things are quite barren, at the moment), but if being a part of the thing I've just described interests you, here's a link – The 13 Worlds of Matthew Siege
  3. My Headshot trilogy and Save Point 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be completed.
  4. I have some awesome ideas for a couple of podcasts, one litRPG/Gamelit related and the other focused on writing and discipline.

There may be more, but those will come and go. These four are the cornerstones of the next 365(ish) days, goals that are both achievable and enjoyable.

What does the new year hold for you?

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