The Book Launch – T minus 10

Uploading a novel you've smashed your face against for a while so that readers can run their (hopefully loving) eyeballs across it is a strange thing. I've done it a bit the past couple of years, but it still isn't 'normal'.

On the one hand, I know it's probably healthy to retain some sort of professional distance from a book once it's been released into the wild. As much of myself as I've put into it, I remind myself over and over that it isn't 'me'. It's a part of me, but a part that I've allowed to be labelled and boxed and sold and commented upon.

That's not always an easy thing, and there are always fears that go along with it.

This next book, after I hit the 'Submit' button

But there's another, far more important aspect of launching a book. It's fun to share the worlds in my head! It's a voodoo brew of pride and giddiness and anticipation and joy – something akin to the feeling you get when you put an awesome present under the tree for someone else and you get the privilege of being there when they open it.

The book I've written is fun. It's gonzo and wacky and touching and, I hope, a little brave. It's the start of my love letter to everything I adore about LitRPG and Gamelit. Stats, magic, grinding, quests, larger than life heroes and the clever and imaginative ways they turn the tables on the bad guys.

It's what you get if you throw Heavy Metal comics into the cauldron along with everything else I love, and it's the reason I've been blasting Judas Priest and making machine gun noises with my mouth for the last 3 months.

And it's almost here…

If you've read this far, I think you deserve a little something. Sign up to my newsletter before the launch and I'll send the book I'm blathering on about for free!


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