At last, I Found a Trilogy’s End

Headshot is written. All of it. The story is over, and I'm pleased with where it went and what it did.

All three books are getting new art, the first two are getting new (re)releases and the final novel is being proofed. Oh, and the entire trilogy is getting recorded by Vikas Adam(!), because the Universe and Aethon Books and Vikas himself all chose to make my 2020 start with a bang.

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True Story

Headshot is the first series I've completed, and I have to say that it feels good. When I finished book 3 a little while ago I said to my five-year-old, "Hey, now that I finished the Zombie books, I can write whatever I want!"

I wanted praise, but what I got was, "But you could already do that, Daddy. Writing's easy. You just sit there and do it!"

Yes, he's a precocious child, with a matter-of-factness borne of a mind that's (hopefully) free from the pressures of schedules and bills and Imposter Syndrome, but once I stopped sputtering I realized that he was (partially) correct.

No, writing isn't easy. At least, not always (for me). But the most enjoyable times arrive when I'm inspired enough or wise enough to get out of my own way once I aim at the objective. I'm getting better at finding ways to make that happen, and more skilled at recognizing when it isn't.

It turns out that my son was right about the sitting there and doing it part. When it works, I'm lost in my heads for hours and the words hit the screen fast. When it doesn't, I get up and do some laundry. I take the dog for a walk. I do anything that gives me a chance to come back to the work later.

So that's what 2020's going to be about for me, using my time wisely to write stories I love and engage with the readers who enjoy them. There's more on all of that to come, of course, as I've got big plans which I'll elaborate on later.

For now, I'm going to go write something I love. That, or do the laundry…

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