Call of Cthulhu makes you question whether events are real

Cyanide Studio’s Call of Cthulhu is very much an investigative game, one that sees you weave your way through a Lovecraftian narrative, and when we chatted with lead game designer Jean-Marc Gueney in Paris recently we also learned a little bit about what the gameplay entails, including the lack of combat.

“You will have to find a way to survive and escape, but you won’t have direct confrontations, you won’t have guns to fight […] so sneaky of course, be perceptive of your environment and how to defeat them. So if you have information, you will have better chances of surviving, in fact,” he explained.

As you can see in the full interview below, we also experienced an encounter with some aggressive tentacles, and this has to do with the protagonist’s sanity. “Later in the game you will learn the truth about Darkwater Island, and the case of the hauntings […] and then you will realize what lies beyond this reality, and your sanity will go down and you will experience more and more of such events,” Gueney explained. “We have to make choices during these events. Is it real, or is it not? Do we want to learn more about [mysterious events] or just go on and try to solve the case of the death?”

On – 14 Feb, 2018 By Sam Bishop

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